Chocolate ganache question

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Some recipes for ganache contain only chocolate and cream while others have butter in addition. Can anyone tell me what the addition of butter does to ganache? Thanks.
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Additional butter in a ganache  makes it more shiny and a richer mouthfeel ( if there is such a word ) besides adding  more calories .
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I've never put butter in my ganache but I will next time, I'm shocked I didn't think of it myself before.

A constant addition to my ganache is booze.  Grand marnier, creme de cassis, baileys, whatever, throw it in there!
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I'm not a fan because it eclipses a bit the taste of the chocolate, it doesn't taste bad but it reminds me any random cake but a ganache. For some people it is "yummier" because it is an addition of fat, and fat always makes food in general tastier, that's why I think is more interesting to work with fatter cream than adding the butter. 
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