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I'm working on packaging a box of chocolate truffles made from locally sourced ingredients as well as soy free chocolate.  One of my ideas would require the use of mini chocolate discs so I would probably have to make my own.  I'm having a really hard time finding any sort of stencil/mold to do this and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas.  I thought of using a round cutter to get pieces out of a thin layer of tempered chocolate but this might be too time consuming?
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Check out , it's a large pastry chef site in Montreal, Canada.  I think has them as well, as well as the Matfer site.

What you need is a flexible rubber mat with holes stamped out of it.  Rigid materials like hard plastic or cardboard won't work.  What you do is spread couverture over the stencil which lies on a sheet of smooth plastic or silicone paper.  Only when the chocolate starts to get "leathery", or as stiff as shoe leather, do you peel back the stencil, and you do this by rolling it back, like peeling off a sticker.

Stamping out discs is not pleasant.  The cutter needs to be juuust riight warm, not too hot, and not too cold; and you will still shatter and break about half of the discs you stamp out.

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