Chocolate covered Strawberries

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Up to now I have always used just melted chocolate to make mine:but I hear that I should mix butter or shortening into my chocolate for a better shine.

How do you make yours???
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I use Callabaut. I add heavy cream and corn syrup to mine.

Depending on the quality of chocolate you use, adding oil or shortening will work as well.
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Don't see the reason to add anything to your chocolate. If you add any liquids or fats, the chocolate will never set up as hard as originally.

When I dip, I leave about 1/8th of the strawb undipped. Chocolate shrinks a bit as it dries (which is why it molds so easy ) the undipped portion of the strawb will prevent cracking. Also the strawb will sweat profusely and immediatley if it is entirely covered in anything.
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All right then, I will only use chocolate then. Never had a problem with mold. At home they were always eaten right away and I only worked at one hotel where I only had to make them  to be given away complimentary along with a bottle of Champagne to a few special guests
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