Chocolate chip charlotte

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Hey, first-time poster, longtime amateur baker.

I'm planning on trying to make the chocolate chip charlotte in Rose Levy Beranbaum's "The Cake Bible," but I'm finding I'm confused at one part.

Beranbaum writes, "Remove the top crust of the genoise and trim it so that it is perfectly square." I'm assuming she wants me to remove the top crust and discard that (i.e. eat it immediately myself), while I trim the main part of the genoise. I'm also assuming this is just so I can have the lighter color of the genoise, which means I should make this a pretty thin slice that I remove.

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]It is a good idea to always take the top off your cakes so they are flat & not that layer of crust on them. You can lay plastic wrap over hot cake & when it cools pull it off & the top will stick to it,then kinda roll any pieces left off with your hand. or if you want it really even put you cake on a turntable use a long serrated knife & turn cake while you saw evenly around going closer in until you have cut the whole top off. I keep my left hand on the top of the cake so it doesn't slip [/FONT] :D
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