Chocolate chiffon cake

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    I've been trying to make chocolate chiffon cake (with both cocoa powder and melted chocolate). Every time my cake batter would be thick and my cake would be very short.

    I had no trouble melting the chocolate. The instruction was to melt the chocolate chips with oil on low heat over heated water. Then mix them into the egg yolk batter that had already been mixed with sugar. Then add in water and flour+cocoa mixture, then fold in the egg whites.

    I'd start off with melting the chocolate at low temperature, and once melted I'd keep it melted at very low heat, and the chocolate stays nice and melted. I was always afraid to take the chocolate out of the low heated water to cool, because I'd be afraid that it'll solidify again. I had no trouble mixing it with the egg yolk batter. Nor with water. But, when I mixed it with the flour+cocoa mixture, the batter would become very very thick, and it wouldn't resemble any other cake batter that I've seen.

    Should I let the chocolate cool more before mixing it in? Can I mix the chocolate+oil mixture with water first before mixing it into the egg yolk batter? Would the order of putting ingredients matter?

    I hope some of you could give me some suggestions!!  Thanks a lot!!