Chocolate and Kiwi?

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I am currently finishing my year at school and have to create a cake.  Chef has given us specific parameters that include a sponge cake, for the base; a layer of chocolate mousse (any type); a layer of fruit mousse (any type); choice of glaze.   I have made many different types of both fruit and chocolate mousses, but I am leaning towards kiwi.  Partly for the visual appeal, and also because of the tartness of the fruit.  I have done a lot of reading, and have seen chocolate and kiwi pairings, but am interested to find out from actual professionals, if you have combined the two and if so, what type of chocolate works best?  ie  Dark, milk, white.  I have read that around 33% chocolate is the best...but am unsure if this is a taste that I should really consider as my final practical.  Any input would be appreciated. 
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Kiwi is often paired with white chocolate-but personally in cakes, I perfer it with dark  (56% say)or milk chocolate.  Although kiwi and white chocolate icecream is very nice.

But maybe if you were going for a lighter tropical fruit theme, perhaps- a coconut sponge or daquoise,  a white chocolate mousse and a kiwi jellied (jello)coulis layer with a white rum exotic fruit mousse?

If you are going to use kiwi   - be sure to heat the puree first as it contains an enzyme that prevents it from  setting - heating it reduces the enzyme actitity on the gelatine.

see  for some nice recipe ideas

good luck with it anyway
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Thank you.  I'll do some experimenting with your suggestions.  I have made kiwi mousse before and am aware of the enzyme as well.  Might try the white rum in the kiwi mousse itself.  We are being graded on taste as well as presentation of the complete cake and the plating presentation of one slice on a plate.

I appreciate the advice.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/rollsmile.gif
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