choclate gateau advice please

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    I had this idea i tasted a very nice black cherry jam a while back  n thought that's perfect for choclate gateau

    haven't seen same jam since but have seen other one's anyway here's my problem

    i decided i was gonna do a normal sponge cake with choclate powder in it as you do

    now i saw  some dark choclate cocoa powder (green n blacks n bournville) and thought this would be perfect

    i also saw some sweetned jam and some reduced sugar jam  i figure unsweetned is going to be more bitter but i'm planning to put cream in the middle of the cake anyway  so it may even out not sure thats why im asking for advice was also gonna by some 80% green  blacks dark choclate for decoration

    aswell as fruit and more cream

    i'm also wondering wether i should use demera sugar or white castor  i've seen reciepe's of both i'm guessing  demerara may bring out the darkchoclate cooa therefore maybe wanting to choose a sweeter jam

    please lend me your advice
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