Chinese Cleaver Profile?

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    Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I've actually posted, but I've been lurking (and learning!).  The last time I was here, I made my first step into quality cutlery and decided to buy myself a Konosuke HD.  Well money was tight, so I put it off.  Once I had saved up the money, I went to buy one only to find they had jumped considerably in price...  So I went with a budget alternative, the Richmond Artifex.  It's a decent knife that takes a good edge (at least for my very amateur sharpening skills), although it's a bit thick... I'll work on that once I get up enough confidence to thin it.

    Anyways, I was searching local Asian markets for an inexpensive carbon cleaver just for some fun.  I came up way short, but bought a SUPER cheap stainless one (I'm talking like $4).  I can't even really consider it a cleaver, but I bought it to mess around with.  I sharpened it best I could with the cheap soft steel (it came with a burr...)  I love the thinness the knife despite everything else being crap.  So may look into getting a good cleaver and found that they came with two basic profiles: flat, and with a slight belly.

    Which do you guys prefer?  What are some pros and cons of both?

    Thanks in advance for the insight.  I'm hoping to be able to stick around and keep posting more, even though school will be starting back up soon.
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    you could go with a slightly better cleaver like a shibazi or a CCK carbon one, won't be too expensive. $40