Chinese cleaver needed

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I enjoy cooking Asian food and would like to get a vegetable cleaver. The Wok Shop in SF offers two lines:

1. Carbon steel cleavers shown here;

2. Vegetable cleavers shown here.

Please enlighten me as to the differences between the two groups. All of their knives are made of carbon steel, my favorite knife steel.
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I checked that site and personally, I would bypass those cleavers and go for one of the kiwi knives.
I know that's not really what you asked though.
I can't see much of a difference between the cleavers you linked to.
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I know that roughly speaking, vegetable cleavers are shorter from edge to spine, and I think usually thinner in the blade, but beyond that I don't know much.
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Well, I ordered this one plus sharpening stones from the Shop, the vegetable cleaver measuring 8 inches by 3.25. And if it's good enough for China Town, then it's good enough for Chez K'ko's.
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It's tough to tell from the pictures. I think the vegetable cleaver isn't polished and the first one is. I have two cleavers that match the photos but the one I have that looks like the vegetable cleaver in the photo is a thick, heavy beast. The other one is exactly like the photo. Works great and I use it often.
For the price I might just get both but I think either one would work fine.
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