Chimole. Yucatan recipe.... does anyone know?

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hey i was wondering if anyone knew how to make CHITMOLE, all i know is it is a yucatan recipes. for what i can see it has ground beef around a boiled egg, with turkey, it has a kick to it like a peppery flavor in the stew....i have tried 2 different types one with some type of "black" texture im not sure what spice they put in it, and i have tried one without the "black" texture. (i find this more preferably) i could ask my mother in law but she is just give me the BLACK way and i would really like it with out. idk if this info helps but i was wondering if any of you have tried it or know the recipe...
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Mucho gusto en encontrarle.

Your problem seems to be spelling.  You should be looking for CHIMOLE, without a "t."

It's basically a sauce more than it is a dish.  You can make it with or without "recado negro."  Almost all the recipes I could find in English were from Belize, and all of them included black recado.  Belizian recipes are going to be pretty close to Yucatecan.

When I searched using Spanish search terms, recetas de chimole, I found a lot of recipes with, black, red or both recados

But I don't think I saw anything identifiably Yucatecan.  Nor did I see anything at all special like the egg wrapped in ground meat you described in any of the Mexican recipes.  Unless it's an ordinary rollo de carne enchilada de huevos duros.

Considering you're in Merida, you undoubtedly speak Spanish well enough so as not to need my help searching or translating, now that you've got the correct word -- chimole.

If and when you do find a recipe or recipes you like, please post them or PM me.  English or Spanish, either way is fine. 

Buena Suerte,

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excerpts from an article in the San Francisco Chronicle

Regional Mexican cuisine spotlights influences from Cuba, Europe
Janet Fletcher, Chronicle Staff Writer
Sunday, April 26, 2009

Glossary of Yucatecan Dishes

Chimole de pavo or relleno negro: Ink-dark turkey mole flavored with recado negro, a spice paste based on charred chiles; typically includes meatballs stuffed with hard-boiled egg yolk.
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chimole aka relleno negro

1 chicken
250 grs of recado negro paste
½ bunch epazote
1 chile xcatic whole
2 tomatoes julienned
1 onion julienned
25 grs flour dissolved in water.

250 grs ground pork
250 grs ground beef
½ finely chopped onion
1 finely chopped sweet chile
Salt, pepper, garlic
50 grs of recado negro paste
3 cooked eggs (separate whites and yolks)
1 raw egg
1 sprig epazote finely chopped

Cut the chicken in ¼, remove excess fat, place in large pot. Liquefy the recado with ½ lt. water, add to the chicken with the epazote and the salt.
Brown the onion and add the chile xcatik and then the tomato. Add this and then the flour to the broth. Cook for 10 minutes.

Mix the meats with the onion and the sweet chile, add salt, pepper and garlic. Mix well with the recado and the raw egg. Add the cooked egg whites and the epazote.
Form an arm and place the cooked egg yolks in the middle add to pot and cook it in the broth for an hour. Serve in slices with the broth.
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