chilies and pain management

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but here goes:

I've heard (seen on TV?) that the capsicin in chilies is being used--when applied directly to the skin--for pain relief or pain management. Does anyone have a link or a citation for an article that goes into more detail?

Thanks! :)


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There are ads on TV for various cremes and such. But PBS did a program on the series Scientific American Frontiers. Scroll down a bit over halfway for a bit more info on capsaicin and pain relief.

They include a recipe for capsaicin candy that sounds rather blistering.

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Thank you both so much. This is very helpful!!!

Isa--the link is great. I did google, but I must have been spelling something wrong or putting in a less-than-on-target grouping of words. Not unusual for me these days. (though I secretly believe that the typo gremlins change letters just a split second before I hit "enter").

Phil--aha! I couldn't remember, but this is the program where I heard about chilis and pain relief. Perfect! And she gives sources. Very cool (no pun intended. at least, not too intended).

You guys are great. :bounce:
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