Chicken wings

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So, I have tried digging back through the threads but can't find what I'm looking for.
I am opening a small pizza and wing bar. Have tried a few wing samples from various companies. Is there a company that specializes in wings that I should be looking at?


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What, specifically, are you looking for?  What's wrong with the ones you have tried?  I find the best wings are raw, fresh wings, unbreaded.  Fried until crispy and cooked all the way through and tossed in sauce.  There should be plenty of purveyors that can supply with something that simple.
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What I have been shown so far has been either precooked/steamed, breaded,or lacks size.
I want a good,meaty,raw,naked wing. Is there a place I can go look that has good reviews from others?
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I help out at a place that makes awesome wings. They use raw separate drummies and flats. Season with salt, pepper and bake for 15 min at 300F, take out and turn the wings, return to the oven for 15 min. Remove from oven and spread wings out to cool quickly in walk in.

Then the cooled semi-precooked wings are deep fried to order. The precooking removes a lot of the blood and keeps the oil fresher. It also will lower the cooking time from 9/11 minutes down to more like 5/6 minutes.

Good luck with whatever you go with.
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My favorite way to eat chicken wings is to cure them overnight in salt, herbs, spices and a bit of sugar. Then confit in schmaltz until tender. Once cooled, they go right into the fryer to crisp the skin, then tossed with sauce (if wanted, honestly they are so good on their own)

Amazing. Probably more laborious than is profitable at a pizza/wing joint though. 
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I fry mine after cleaned and dried. Never thought much of the blood issue but if you are cooking wings on a large scale I could see that the oil life would be reduced. I think most place par cook the wings then serve..Still doesn't explain why it takes 30min to get them..

You may concentrate on wing sauce more than the chicken
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