Chicken Wings

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Like many others our company is switching focus to foods that carry out well, like chicken wings. We will start simple with three flavors: maple sriracha, garlic Parmesan and classic buffalo. Currently I am brining them in kosher salt, cider vinegar and water for 1-2 days and a then baking them for forty minute with a simple dry rub. Cook them then fry at 350 for 2 minutes and coat with sauce. Looking for any and all suggestions, recipes and expertise. Best containers? Best sized wings? Buy raw or par cooked?
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Presentation- An order of wings is twelve or six. Wings come with celery and carrot sticks and blue cheese dressing. The quality of the dressing is important. House made is best because you can control the flavor and the amount of blue cheese bits. Don't serve with the cheapest dressing you can find. ``
By celery and carrot sticks I mean three carrot sticks and three celery sticks. Not all one or the other and not a thoughtless hand grab of however many of whatever.
I'm a big fan of original, which I understand to be simply Frank's Red Hot and butter in equal portions as the sauce. The wings are cooked, then tossed with the sauce in a bowl before plating. They should not be dripping in sauce or leave a puddle of sauce on the plate.
If you move beyond the original, the wings are the important part, not the fancy sauces you dream up. So a good wing is crispy on the very outside but the meat is plentiful and juicy, Not overcooked and dry.
A good plate of wings is worth a few bucks. So if you are concerned because your competition is selling them cheaper, find out what they are serving. A half assed plate of wings is worthless. I remember the great wings I've had and where I had them. I couldn't tell you what I paid for them.
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I've had some success deep frying them on a low heat for 8-10 minutes and then patting them dry and leaving them on a rack in the cool room. Then they're fried to order on a high heat to crisp up the skin etc....
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Buy raw and par cook them yourself in the oven. Then fry them off for a crispy skin when an order comes in. There are lots of wing sauce recipes online for you to test and tweak. For packaging I find that deli squares and a styrofoam container travel well with wings. If you're doing 6 wings per order 3 flats and 3 drumbs.
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When I was a kid, chicken wings were considered scraps and not worth selling. The butcher either threw them out or tossed them into a pot for stock, if they made stock.

Today, they cost almost as much as the sale price of some prime cuts of beef.

How times have changed.
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