Chicken Wings: Raw vs Precooked

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Anybody got a good method for stuffing wings? I saw it once but every way ive tried they dont come out right. I cant figure out how tgey did it...I dont want to bread them to seal the whole for putting in the filling
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Raw to cooked produces the best results but at my restaurant/bar we are very tight on space(nyc) with only one fryer. So we fry them at the beginning of service for about 8 minutes and they get finished to order for another 4 minutes until crispy

I wouldnt mind the extra time it takes to get the better results but in certain kitchen spaces it would bot be possible to cook them from raw. It takes about 13 minutes in my fryer and in that time we would have other orders coming in that would need space in the fryer as well... with limited space would not be physically possible in my particular situation. If you have the room to cook them from raw I would go that route but pre frying doesnt degrade the quality too much in my personal opinion.

First time posting on this forum. Hello everyone!
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Thanks, Saucie.

Haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I will really soon.  Sounds good. 

Thanks again.
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Fresh and Raw is always the best ;) but you also have to take into account the equipment you have available to you.
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Hello everyone.  I'm new to this site and find it very interesting and informative.  I manage a small pub and eatery that seats around 160 people.  We serve around 400 lbs a week. Of course fresh is always superior, but I have found that bringing ours in frozen precooked is much more cost effective.  We thaw them and fry for about 4-5 mins.  Saves all the way around. Saves grease, saves prep time, no worries about cross contamination.  They are unseasoned so you can do whatever you want with them...and our customers love them....We can also offer them at a price our customers win situation.
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I need some help with a chicken wing issue. Iv recently started working at a pizza place for some extra hours and noticed that they keep all there boxes of wings in the walk in cooler and not the freezer! :s I called the owner to ask Y and he said that their good for 7 days cause it's fully cooked processed wings. Just doesn't sound right and can't find anything online. Please help :)
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I have always liked cooking my chicken wings from raw. I either deep-fry them, or coat them with olive oil roast them in the oven turning them while they are cooking. Either way I cook them until they reach 145℉-150℉ and then I chill them. You can freeze them after they are chilled for later use. You can bring them back up to temp any way you want really, but I prefer to do them in the oven. My favorite way to eat chicken wings is with thai flavoring.. Ginger, lemongrass, lime leaf, chili's if you want that spice, etc.
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I'm about to brine the wings and then cook them in the oven. Then Cool, then portion them, Then freeze.. to fry up later. We'll see. I think if you brine them they'll stay juicy. Not many people doing this way. This way it'll Save your fryer oil and cook time too. Win Win.
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The way I've done wings at one place was to brine overnight, poached in salted water and let cool in the liquid, drain. To order we'd toss with cornstarch and fry. The brining process accompanied with a moist cooking method keeps the meat juicy. Good results every time. Cooking raw wings to order was not realistic for our set up nor did we sell enough to warrant it.
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Excellent information with accurate prices!

Chef, could you recommend some names of preferred vendors that supply quality precooked wings.

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# means pound (lb or 16 ounces, not the British currency).

I don't cook other things in the oil meant for fries, just fries. That wouldn't make them taste like raw chicken but they might start tasting like fried chicken.
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