Chicken Wings - Cooking Technique When Fryers aren't an Option

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My family is opening a small Pizza Delivery and Carry-Out Restaurant Soon.  The only thing that is on our menu that may require a fryer is Chicken Wings.

But the location we chose, it would cost 28K for a Type 1 (Grease) Hood installation.  This is unacceptable when a class 2 (Oven Hood) has been quoted under 7k for this location.

We looked into either ordering this product pre-cooked so we can run them thru the oven, but it would drive food cost out of an acceptable range. (being quoted around $3.5-4 per lb.

So, we are considering making the product in-house.  We will have both a convection oven, and triple stack conveyor ovens.

What would be the best way to cook fresh wings, without a fryer, without ending up with dried up wings?

I am open to par-cooking until needed techniques, suggestions on a brand of precooked, and any other comments.

*Really interested in someone who has some great par-baking techniques.
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If you bake them, the add sauce after works they shouldn't be dry.  Plus you can probably use the baked aspect to your marketing advantage by saying they are healthier than the deep fried kind.


i'm not sure if roasting wings would actually dry them out. put em on a rack in the oven. 350 degree's. should get nice and crispy without drying out. if that doesn't work, cover it with foil for half the time, then cook them uncovered for the rest.
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Oven cooked wings are a pizza house staple -- at least out here in the home of bad pizza.  I believe the wings are regularly made in the deck oven, perhaps in a baking dish, a pan, or a rack in a pan.  And maybe I'm wrong about the deck, they could be made in some sort of convection oven.  Obviously, I'm not sure.   

In your place I'd try to find a forum oriented to professional pizza makers as well as asking your question in the professional section here.  In any case, I doubt 350F is the right answer.  You need more therms more faster.

Wish I had more information for you.  Please try the professional forum.

Hope this helps,

Joined Nov 5, 2007 has some pretty good folks on the forum, it might be worth asking there about baking wings.

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