Chicken stock

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I made chicken stock last week, used some for soup and froze the remainder. When preparing the soup, I noted that the stock was thick and gelatinous and diluted it with water.

Today I am defrosting the stock for use in risotto. Should I dilute it? If so do you have any recommendation on how much water to use?
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You've just made a beautiful chicken stock. Its supposed to be like that. Please dont dilute it. It'll go liquid again when you heat it for your rissotto
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yes, you did it right! haha as the rest of the people said.

going off on a little bit of a tangent,

In class today, we were talking about consommes and one of the chefs said that it has been known to be served cold and jelly-like!

really? cold beefy jelly? hmmm, i dunno about that one.
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Years ago it was served in upscale places and it is called Consomme Madralene. It can also be used as a base for Aspic which is used in Chaudfroid Sauce and in cold food :roll:decoration.
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Thomas Keller serves cold lobster jelly. It's not dead -- just sleeping.

(And there are those who would compare cold lobster jelly to great Cthulhu....)
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