Chicken Nuggets

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I seem to recall someone a while back someone asking about chicken nuggets, they specifically liked McDonald's version.  Here's a beginning step in recreating them:

Don't forget the high fructose corn syrup for that special scrumptious touch!

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Did you see that episode of Jamie Oliver where he shows kids how chicken nuggets are made? He takes a chicken carcass, puts it in a food processor, strains the resulting paste, adds some flavoring agents, breads it and fries it in front of them, then he asks "Now who wants to eat this, huh?" and all the kids yell "ME! ME! MEEEE!!". At that point he's getting very desperate....
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Those poor little crumb snatchers live and eat that garbage about 45 minutes from my home (and in the schools and homes next door to me as well).  They still wanted to eat it because they simply don't know any better, which is their parents' fault.  We (as in WV) are in desperate need of education on how to find, buy and cook with fresh foods.  Only then will be able to put these every-half-a-block fast food "restaurants" out of business.  I won't get into a diatribe here but I live in the capitol city and we have one...ONE...small farmer's market. 

The fact that the processed 'chicken nugget' meat looks like the loose stool of a giant Pepto-Bismol man should be enough to deter anyone from eating it.  Sadly, that does not appear to be the case.   
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That episode put me off them for life.  Good part of it was though, that my young 'uns saw it and will never touch one again.  So, even if he thought  according to his comments on the show it seemed a pointless excercise, it wasn't.

I'll be the first to admit we did have them in Happy Meal days.  No longer.  I will make real chicken schnitzels, or finger food sized ones.  Just not with that slop.  Just real chicken pieces floured, egged and crumbed. It's a sometimes meal, so maybe once a month now.

Oh, and fish fingers are out the door too, unless I am doing the slicing of fresh fillets and the crumbing etc.  Hate to think what goes into them as well - in fact, I'd rather not know. Pls /img/vbsmilies/smilies//smile.gif   I realise that sometimes the home purse strings will only stretch so far, so there are no other options at timee.  Gotta get food on the table.  Been there, will be there again I'm sure.  But, better off doing them at home from store bought, rather than paying Mackie D or the Colonel a slice of your money.


I make a cornflake chicken nugget thing and the kids seem to like it. At least I feel better making them something fresh.... although I've heard the dino nuggets from costco aren't that horrible..

kristen zalewski

omg yes i had to watch it in class it was like so frosss  i walked out of  class and i think u can guss what happend from there  it was like sooooooo gross i dont think iv ever eaten a chicken nugget sence then ewwwwwwwwwwwwweeee
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This thread caught my eye because hubby had a fierce hankering for chicken nuggets last night.  I only had a handful of saltines and a handful of ritz crackers on hand so I stuck them in the FP along with a pat of cold butter, a bit of lemon zest and one clove of finely grated garlic (recipe adapted from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cookbook).  Used that for the breading along with the flour and egg breading system and pan fried them in a mix of vegetable oil and olive oil. 

Once they're fried I put them on a cookie sheet because I find that blotting them on paper towel makes them go a little soft from the steaming. 

Who knew a ritz cracker would make a fine nugget.

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