chicken liver pate

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    Hi all. I’m currently studying a degree in environmental health. For my third year dissertation I am going to study chicken liver pate and its implication in food hygiene.  (Campylobacter is the number one cause of food poisoning in the UK) My plan is to get together a lot of recipes from far and wide, modern and old and compare them (cooking processes, timings and most importantly what they say about the food hygiene and how it has changed over the years.

    So, does anyone have any old (or new) recipes from far and wide?  Or any stories about chicken liver pate? I am a poor (mature) student so I don’t have hundreds of pounds to spend on cookery books.

    Thanks for your time beautiful people..
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    Make sure the pate is cooked thoroughly, when grinding liver keep it cold all the time about 36- 39 *F if possible. Keep all things that come in contact with pate Clean.

     I worked in one place many years ago that added hypochloride to the mix to retard bacteria.

    No one ever got sick or poisoned.