Chicken Galantine

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Say I boned just the legs of a chicken, stuffed them, rolled them in something fatty, and poached them, perhaps even removing the leg and thigh meat to mince into the stuffing. May this still be called a "galantine?"  I love the technique but, i'm trying to think of something more practical that can be made to order for just one person.
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Galantine implies a whole bird. I think ballotine or roulade are the words you're looking for.
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Although you're certainly closer, TinCook, I don't think any of those words quite apply.

But what's wrong with calling it stuffed chicken legs? Not everything has to have a French label.
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This is a far cry from a Galantine which is usually a whole boned  exoticaly stuffed bird, Pate, truffles, Pistaccio nuts, squares of ham or tongue etc.. Rolled and tied in cheesecloth, poached and  chilled . For display purpose covered in a Chaud-Froid and Aspic. Requires a lot of prep time but a true classic and if done correctly a beautiful presentation. I have not made any in about 5 years.  As far as the leg, you could prepare the same way  but do not call it a galantine give it another title.
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