Chicken Fried Steak! :)

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Hi All...

I tried to follow Guy Fieri's chicken fried steak recipe, and thought I had copied it exactly....London Broil cut in half, then butterflied apart to make four thin pieces...which I then pounded out to about half the original thickness.  Dredge in buttermilk, then seasoned flour (which has baking powder/soda added), then egg wash, then bread crumbs...let dry for about 10 minutes on a grated sheet pan. 

When I went to fry, all the crust came off!!  Was this due to a low oil temperature or something?  I noticed the bits of crust still left seemed soggy.  I did test the oil with a drop of water and it sizzled, so I thought the oil was up to temp.  I used Canola oil. 

Then, the steaks seemed to puff back up to the original thickness, and were tough and gamey tasting...I failed!!!  Appreciately gladly any suggestions.......I guess the only bright spot was the crust seasoning tasted good, but that's but one aspect of it...

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Link the recipe and then I can be more specific.

I would suggest starting with the cutlets in seasoned flour first. Then the eggwash and then finally the bread crumbs.

Starting with the buttermilk doesn't give good traction for the following layers to stay attached. I do fried chicken soaked overnight in buttermilk. But after the marinating, I dry the chicken pieces completely. Then flour, egg, breadcrumbs.

Another little trick is to use cracker crumbs as opposed to breadcrumbs.
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I just looked at that recipe. Its a far cry from your traditional CFS.

When someone mentions CFS, what comes to mind is a nice cube steak that has been dredged in seasoned flour, a wash of some sort, be it milk & eggs or buttermilk, then back to the seasoned flour. Pan fried, not deep fried, and a traditional cream gravy made with the pan renderings.

What I see in Guy's recipe is a breaded cutlett, not a CFS.
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I'd go with the breading (flour, egg, breadcrumbs) but then put it in the fridge to help the coating set as done for fish and chicken.

Almost sounds like the steak was overcooked.

Either that, or eggmilk, then flour.  Repeat then chill 1/2 hour.  Really crispy crust this way.

Good luck with it, a bit of experimentation and you'll find what suits you.
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Thanks all - the input makes sense, I'm learning a lot from this site and everyone's helpful comments.  Much appreciated!!

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