Chicken Crocketts

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OOZE   yea thats the way it's supposed to be made.. Here sometime they use a Duchess mix and form it into a pear shape with a clove as a stem . Its called Pear William Potato  almost a lost item in todays cooking world.
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You guys are awesome, thank you for the posts concerning my croquette problem. I was pulling out my older cookbooks to see how they were made in the 70;s or  80's . But your posts were so helpful, and I appreciate the suggestions so much.  I love to cook, but I also love making delicious dishes that everyone enjoys, it just makes my day.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/rollsmile.gif


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If you like them log shaped you can get a machine which makes it a lot easier.

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If you like them log shaped you can get a machine which makes it a lot easier.

Well, well, if it isn't the famous "mille croquettes" machine! One of these lived in my parents cellar, now more than 35 years ago and came to surface every time we made potato croquettes on festive days to serve with the main dish. Always potato croquettes, I don't remember any other being made with this very handy thing. Other croquettes -let's say béchamel based ones- were always handrolled or shaped.

Potato, shrimp and meat croquettes are mostly cylinder shaped, cheese croquettes squares. Although there's no law to do so.

Some high ranking chefs may offer croquettes made of... pig's trotters.
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Logs and pyramids are the two traditional shapes. But....It's your table, KK. Make 'em any shape you like.

Blobs are fine. Just use a large enough spoon so they stay soft inside while the outside is fried brown. And make each blob as near in size to the others as possible, so that they cook evenly.
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Chris, we take pig heads and make puck size "croquettes" with the meat....trotters thrown in would work.....

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