Chick pea burgers turning color

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I make chick pea burgers to get some protein into the kids.  I lightly pan fry them.They have turmeric in them and an egg. I was wondering after a few days in the fridge why they change color? I think they get too moist in my fridge. Is there a way to avoid the moisture ? Do u think it's something else?

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Do you have raw onions in the mix. If so, any salt in the recipe will leech the moisture from the onions, making them soggy. Not sure about the discolourisation tho
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With raw egg they're good for two or three days in the refrigerator, tops.  If you want to hold them longer, shape as patties right after mixing and freeze.

For what it's worth, they're chaging color because they're oxidizing.  The air in the container is enough to do it.

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