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Hi everyone,

I have been posting on here for a few months but neglected to introduce myself. I work in the admissions office of a college that is well-known for culinary but also has a few other programs related to the food/hospitality industry.

The food industry is something I am truly passionate about and enjoy talking about all aspects of it.
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Hi jtobin and welcome! We're fortunate to have you- and your specialized knowledge- with us.

Do you cook at home as well? Chicagoland has some great markets, and it's not hard to get good ingredients. The many ethnic neighborhoods can provide inspiration, specialized equipment and lots of fun exploring new ideas and flavors.

I hope you enjoy being part of the community. Welcome!
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I do some cooking at home when I have a chance but due to my busy work schedule, I usually just eat the food prepared by the students. A lot of my shopping is done by Little Vietnam so I eat a lot of noodle, seafood, and pork dishes.

And yes, there are some great restaurants and markets in Chicago. Almost too many to choose from!

Thanks for the warm welcome.

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