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This is sad no listings for Chicago restaurants.

Chicago is arguably the hottest culinary scene right now and not even a mention?

Well here goes...

Scylla Restaurant:
1952 N. Damen

Chef Stephanie Izard is a modern renaissance woman of culinary arts! Between her talent and that of her Sous Chef Brian Beverly they turn out amazingly yummy creations that please the palette in a very hip fun neighborhood. The space is super cool and during the week you can walk-in and be seated fairly fast.

Sola Restaurant
3868 N. Lincoln Avenue

Chef Carol Wallack is the goddess of California/Hawaiian cuisine. This fun California Surfer girl turns out some very mouth-watering choices. Her Beef Tenderloin is awesome.

Pops for Champagne
601 N. State Street

Chef Andre Christopher is a class act turning out delightfully wonderful dishes despite the main focus of Pops being more of a champagne lounge and only 25% of their business is food.


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Been to Scylla and had a good meal there. Also been to Carol's first restaurant but have yet to make it to her new place. Most recently ate at Avenues.
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I have never been to Avenues but I want to. Chef Graham Elliott Bowles was a Food & Wine Best Chef and people I know have raved about it. My biggest motivation for restaurant going though is being invited by the chef.

Pops, Scylla and Sola are all my customers.
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I work days Mon - Fri at Chefwear and do evening and weekend catering jobs plus I will be starting soon at Potash Brothers Supermarket's kitchen doing prepared foods and studying under their Corporate/Executive Chef to learn my fun-da-MENTALS on weekends.
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For my money, Paul Kahan has got what's goin' on in Avec and Blackbird. I'm also a big fan of Lula.
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Paul Kahan is a class act too. I think there may be a third restaurant in development since he just hired a Chef De Cuisine recently named Michael Sheerin for Blackbird.
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they do a good job at Sola, Avec and Blackbird. Even though I've cooked for Stephanie many times and worked with one of her expatriots, I've yet to dine at Scylla. I guess the stars just haven't been in alignment.

my favorite nicer spot for a cheap and easy dinner is francesca's forno on north, damen and milwaukee. Never revolutionary, always absolutely freeking delicious. In short, everything that I want a weekday dinner to be.

good luck at your new job - cooking sure beats retail.

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Francesca's is good and Forno is likely the best of the bunch. Chef Laco is a very traditionalist and proficient chef.

...and yes cooking beats the **** out of sales. :smiles:
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Hi Mike,

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