Chicago - French Pastry School or Washburne?

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Hi, I'm currenly a community college student looking to go into baking and pastry, and I have narrowed my schools down to French Pastry School and Washburne Culinary Institute. Both are affiliated with the city colleges of chicago. What's nice about Washburne is that they have a 2 year associates program in baking and pastry (as well as certificate programs) and its extremely affordable (about 14k for the entrie program). The French Pastry School on the other hand is a 6 month intensive certificate program for about $21k. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has graduated from either schools to chime in on what they think of the programs. Washburne is located in Englewood which is kind of a distance from me, but am willing to commute if the program is really worth it.

How much can you learn in the 6 month certificate program vs a 2 year degree program? Will I have the same job opportunities with a certificate vs a degree?

Any advice is really helpful. Thanks!
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