Chicago Culinary Schools. ( Kendall College)

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    At the beginning of March I flew into Chicago (for the first time) to visit Kendall College. I did my research online of some of the top rated Culinary Schools in the country and there were several in the north east with outstanding programs and reputations but Kendall College stood out because it offers a joint program that very much interested me. Also, it is located in Chicago and the Food Service Industry there seemed more than promising.

    I was very impressed with Kendall's instructors and there facilities but the price is a bit steep. The tour guide, who seems more like a salesman, did a great job on presenting the school but i do not know the schools reputation or network in the Chicago area. If in am to invest in an education at Kendall i would like to know from neutral parties how Kendall College in viewed and respected.

    If there are other colleges that are more respected in the area, who are they?