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    so i took a last minute side trip to berkeley on my way back from oregon trying to get home to LA. i have lawys wanted to go to chez panisse and was able to get a reservation at the cafe, which is located upstairs versus the restaurant downstairs.

    wanted to share my meal experience with you guys.

    my meal started off with a salad of canaard farm rocket with persimmons and a balsamic vinagerette. canaard farm rocket is a bitter, nutty, peppery field green similar in taste to arugula. the salad was perfectly dressed and a nice accompaniment.

    to accompany my main dish, i had a nice glass of chignin from france, 2003 (white wine). i had the butternut squash and sage ravioli with warm nettles - that was delicious. nettles is a green vegetable, something i had never experienced before. the pasta was lightly tossed in olive oil and was sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

    i couldn't resist dessert- i had sierra beauty apple-cranberry crisp with anise vanilla ice cream. YUM YUM. tart and delicious, a perfect way to end the meal. i cappedit off with an herbal infusion of spearmint called tisane and walked out the door.

    overall the service was excellent, food to die for, really want to go back again!
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    I went to Chez Panisse for a special lunch last Jan.....part of a farmer's market conference.
    baby tangerines and dates were on the table.
    Crab salad ap
    Veg raviolis (don't remember the filling)
    lemon verbena
    dessert was an apple tart and ice cream.
    Wine was house and named after CP
    It had been numerous years since I dined there it has always been a favorite.
    What was even more fun was shopping at the local growers markets and seeing/meeting the growers prior to the lunch.