chewy pistachio cookies

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I'm new to this forum. I'm not sure if this question has been asked, but I'm looking for the recipe for the pistachio cookies like the one's from Mike's Pastry on Hanover Street in Boston. If anyone here has ever had one, you'll know what I mean when I say that they are absolutely addicting! I printed out a recipe for what was supposed to be those cookies, but the came out flat. They tasted good, but not the same. These cookies are very dense, thick, moist & chewy. They must add green food coloring because the pistachios wouldn't give that much color & I did that.
Also, I make the macaroons with almond paste from Odense. They are wonderful. Now, you have to beat the egg whites until they stand, but not dry and they stay on the thick, not flat, side. The recipe I used for the pistachio cookies called for just egg whites slightly beaten. Would that make a difference in the thickness?
Any input with this will be appreciated.
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