CHEWY DATE BARS having issues

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Session data Hi, I am having issues trying to make my date bars chewy, the recipe to me seems a bit too sweet so I try lessening the sugar and when i do this, the texture turns out crumbly and not as moist. Now I am sticking to the recipe and still at times is still isnt as chewy. I use sugar, dates, eggs and etc just like other recipes but cannot seem to get it to be as chewy. Any suggestions that I can do..Thank you in advance and I hope I posted this right...Thanks
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You posted it fine Cllim. Wecome to the forum btw. You'll enjoy it here,we're a nice bunch.

Now that you've introduced yourself on the welcome forum, I would repeat your request on the food and cooking forum. As a home cook,you shouldn't post on the professional chefs forum, but of course, you can view it, and they can view your posts on other threads.

Have fun. Theres lots going on and im sure you'll get plenty of help, once ur on the relevant forum

Look forward to hearing from you
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I'm going to move your question because it's about baking. We hope you'll come back to the Welcome Forum to introduce yourself.

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To start with, it would help us help you if you posted the entire recipe, including the "method" section.

Second, it would help if you could better identify the problem.  I would think chewiness has more to do with the filling than the crust, but when you said omitting sugar made the bars crumbly that indicated a problem with the crust.

The reason for inconsistent results can be difficult to identify.  However, since it must lie in a change in the ingredients, the environment and the method, a process of elimination will eventually pin it down.  It's too early to speculate, but worth remarking that In baking, it often comes down to old ingredients. 

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Session dataThanks for the information and sorry, I guess I did not read all the things before posting..thanks for moving along my inquiry..and I look forward to staying in touch on this site. Thanks again for welcoming me.
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