Cherry Pie question re: cherry type

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This year, I've decided to really go outside of the box and make a cherry pie for Thanksgiving. I have a 9" crust and one 21oz can of pie-ready cherries. My dilemma, only realized after returning home: The pie needs 2 cans worth of cherries. Now, I also have a big jar of Maraschino cherries, but they're just in water or something, not the goop that the cans have.

My question: can I put a can's worth of the cocktail cherries into the pie, making it a 50/50 canned/Maraschino mix? Will that be disastrous? Do I need to push through the lazy to go buy another can? Is this even an issue?

Thank you very very much for your wisdom.
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Maraschino should never be used. Try and Oregon Bing or Montmorency or Ryder  pitted of course

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