Chelada, Michilada, and Other Beer Based Drinks

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    Not exactly wine, but these go well or less well as meal companions.

    They started out as something more along the line of a "sovereign remedy" than as an accompaninent, but... Love michilada and chelada with food. Anyone else?

    How about "los tres amigos,"aka Tecate con limon y sal? I'm not a huge fan of Tecate canned or bottled, but with lime and salt on the top of the can? Orale! Tecate used the expession "los tres amigos" in an ad campaign they ran in Baja in the late sixites through the early eighties -- and even though I know there are better beers -- even from the same brewery -- I'm still more likely to order the three buddies than any other Mexican beer because it tastes so much like Mexico to me.

    On the other hand, I don't much care for Corona with a piece of lime in the bottle neck. Corona's okay as a draft, but insipid in the bottle at best, and most of the time it's nowhere near its best in the bottle because sunlight screws with the hop extracts. It evokes a somewhat different feeling than Tecate and always makes me think of... well... gabachos and the kind of Mexican style restaurants built around tons of melted cheese. Hey, I'm not saying you have to agree with me. It's great by me if you like Corona with lime. What DO YOU think?

    How about shandys? I can't stand lager and lime. Too sweet. Beer and ginger beer (or ginger ale) doesn't do it for me either. How about you?

    Like a lemon wedge in the bottom of your glass of hefeweizen? I do, even though I know it's considered somewhat girly and/or immature by manly beer drinkers. So much for my macho.

    What about non-wines/non-beers like sake, shochu and soju? You might be surprised at how many soju margaritas you've had. I dig soju cocktail with cucumber or lemon -- but especially with both.

    Anything really float your boat as a meal companion?

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