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Joined Oct 19, 2010
Hello everyone!

I am delighted to be a part of this group where like-minded indivuals share ideas etc!

I recently became an official member in the cake and pastry industry.  I am a self-taught individual who has a passion for making and decorating cakes.  It all started in the kitchen of my childhood years.  The decision to make this my present career came about approximately two years ago when my job was made redundant.  My venture has not yet taken on any form of profit and not much activity for the past months but I wish to pursue it, as it is by far one of the only things that I find any form of satisfaction and joy in doing - despite the long hours which I've had to invest in the business.  After spending many years in the office setting, I've realized that I would rather avoid the 'politics, drama, disrespect and the other forms of abuse' that I've encountered.  Nonetheless, I've had some wonderful years and I've learnt many valuable lessons.  Besides, life begins at 40, right?

I'm not as equipped for the business as I had hoped I would be but I'm not giving up; it is a work in progress.  My objective is to some day operate a successful business in the industry which will provide professional, efficient, satisfactory customer service to my clients.  I welcome your thoughts and suggestions as I continue on this bold but worthwhile journey.



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Joined Aug 29, 2000
Welcome, CocoButter. Good luck with your enterprise, too.

I hope you take time to look around the entire site; we're much more than only a discussion forum (as wonderful as that is!). We've been here over 10 years, so make use of our search tool to find some buried gems.

Welcome to the community! Regards,



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Welcome. Please post this poll in the food discussion forums. Thanks.
Joined Feb 28, 2010
Hello, and welcome to ChefTalk. It sounds like you know what you want to acueve, so i wish you all the best of luck.

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