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Looks fun. But now the real question, Is it tax deductible?
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oh nice, good to see the peopel behind those screen names. the food looks great.
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Thanks to Nicko for inviting me, and great meeting Greg and Nicko and seeing Kuan again after almost 5 years I think!   The food was great, and I ate things I never thought I would!

Kuan is right.  Despite the outstanding quality of the cuisine, the 3 hours of talk and companionship made this one of my best birthdays ever.

BTW:  I thought there were more pictures than that!  

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Did you guys save anything for Colleen? I sure hope so.

All of the food looks luscious. I'm a confirmed 'meatavore", so it looks pretty sexy to me. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif

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It was a great time. Special thanks to Kuan for picking such a great place for us to meet.


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 Yeah Kuan that place was awesome great choice. Hopefully we can get a big gathering in May. :)
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I knew I should have moved to Minnesota instead of Rochester.....

Oh well.....

One of these days!

Glad you had a good time!
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There is a Rochester in Minnesota if you have a hankering to live in Rochester.  Its only about 70 miles from the Twin Cities!  :)

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I ate at 44 yesterday.  Fully half of the chalk board menu was erased.  No microgreens, no lamb loaf, no reuben, no chicken with gravy.  My friend ordered something on the board yet, and they came back and said they were out of that too.

He ended up getting the chorizo dish.  Not much food on the plate.  Wasn't much even if it were an appetizer.  Tasted ok.

I ended up getting the bacon wrapped dates and a side order of fries.  Even two of the four tap handles had been removed!~

All good things come to an end!

Hopefully this isn't a permanent situation, but it was disappointing since I talked this guy into going there in the first place.  It was a long long drive for him!

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It's so cool that you guys met-up and it is great to see you, too.

I met one person from another board five years ago.  He is still on my board and is very special to me because we met in real life.
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Well, it gets worse.  Took the wife there for Friday dinner (April 9).  First good sign was that the chalkboard was fully filled in again.

Ordered the bacon wrapped dates.  There were only 6 on the plate!  I asked what happened to the rest of them?  He brought us 3 more.

The microgreen salad which filled up the entire plate when we are were there in March, was merely one scoop of greens in the center of the plate with some sort of flour type broken crisp taco shell laying on it.  No grated cheese, no capers.  I think there still was the small pile of grated red onion.

Ordered that wonderful dessert plate (see picture above).   What came was a total shock.  Where's the melted chocolate cupcake, the really big one?  He points to a baby milky way brownie and said there it is.  Wasn't filled with melted chocolate either.  The rest of the dessert plate was just as empty of all the goodies we werre originally served back in March.

I just said "Guess we're not ever coming back"  and paid the check and left.  $50+ meal and we're still hungry.

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