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    Here are the latest articles and book reviews at Some of the book reviews are written by people in are very own community (Chrose, Pete, Mark V, Botanique, and some of Jim's students). Hope you enjoy and, if you have comments criticisms or anything you would like to tell us please send us a note Contact ChefTalk.Com.


    Employee Background Checks
    Knowing who is producing those tasty meals is just as important as anything else a restaurant, and their manager, does. Employment Screening and Background Investigations is a vital new step in the hiring process that restaurants, cafes and culinary colleges have been advancing to.

    Custard's Last Stand
    (By Mark V)
    Find out why your custards aren't setting...

    Of Barley and Hops (by Pete!)
    Beer is often taken for granted. It is the everyman's beverage, while wine is noble, but beer has a wonderful complexity.

    Grape Season
    Grapes are the oldest fruit known to man...

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    Roy's Fish & Seafood, Recipes from the Pacific Rim
    By: Roy Yamaguchi with John

    Build A Better Burger: Celebrating Sutter Home's Annual Search for America's Best Burgers

    By: James McNair, Noel Barnhurst (Photographer)

    Semi-Homemade Cooking 2 (Reviewed by Botanique)
    By: Sandra Lee, Tyler Florence, Jan Miller (Editor)

    Chocolate: The Sweet History
    (Reviewed by Chrose)
    By: Beth Kimmerle

    North Atlantic Seafood: A Comprehensive Guide With Recipes (Reviewed by Pete)
    By: Alan Davidson