cook book ?

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I was thinking allot about foodnfotos thread on chefs and the way they write recipes.

maybe somehow we can start to compile recipes from vast resourses right here on cheftalk.

Just think about it, We have people from all over the world and people in almost every possible part of the industry,Chefs,Pastry chefs,Writers,photografers,FOH,purchasing,catering ,private chefs...The list goes on and on.

Wouldn't it be fun to set up a format for a book and do a seasonal and regional book.

I know it would become a best seller:chef: :bounce:
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Way, way cool idea! :bounce:

Not a small job, though. Would this be a virtual book or hard copy?
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I was thinking it would be a hard copy. It's a good idea, and I'm willing to contribute some time.
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That is a fantastic idea. I may be able to contribute some time to help after the holidays.

By the by, I've been away for a while, opeing a new place. Good to be back, hope all of you are well.

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Works for me. Depending on how serious this ends up to be perhaps a committee to break up jobs. Find an agent, writing, gathering etc.
Count me in. Mich can do a lot, after all, she did the mis en place, put together the recipe and is now just sitting back and baking. Nothing else to do:rolleyes:
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I wouldn't say that, chrose, but come January, I MAY have a bit more time to help out. For now, I'm getting a lot of work (I'm happy to say).:)

I will definitely be up for compiling a book.
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Shroom, I've catalogued just about every recipe I've done in the last 10 years. Let me know how I can help. How do we go about this?
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Perhaps I should ask foodnfoto if she has any ideas about how to get things off the ground,she may have contacts because of her background.
I,m not really sure how to go about this, I mean I'm sure we can compile some wonderful recipes and come up with the concept and as iv'e read here we have some expertise in writing ETC.

maybe I should talk to Nicko as well,perhapes because of our live chats with a couple people who are publishes we can get a tip or two from them as well.
any other ideas?
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I can e-mail a couple of publicists that I know to see what's is this self-plublished?
Going to others in the biz is real good idea.
Nicko would be the guy to negoiate....
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My mother in law recently published a book (self), it's on Amazon now, etc., and doing fairly well. I will ask her for any good contacts she may have, just to see if she has any advice or things to look out for.
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