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    You certainly don't have to do all of these but just doing one or two can help out the site quite a bit. Look through our top 10 community wish list for 2015 and help out where you can. Have questions or suggestions please post them in this thread.
    1. Take a moment and greet new members in the welcome forum. Nothing big just say hi, welcome and help them find the right forum. 
    2. Flag inappropriate or spammy posts so the mods know about them. (hint: click the little red flag at the bottom or any post in question).
    3. Give reputation to members who consistently contribute quality posts to discussions (not just pretty pictures or people you like). 
    4. Don't reply to every post just to be part of the discussion, give others a chance to join in. In other words don't hog the discussion and only post if you have something meaningful to contribute. 
    5. Stay on topic. "Wait I thought we were talking about eggs? Were talking about baby pigs now? I am confused.." As tempting as it might be if you want to talk about something different start a new thread.
    6. Help other members make informed decisions and post a review or two of your favorite cooking productscookbooks, or culinary school you attended   
      Article: Review Tutorial
    7. Do you have a special technique on how to prepare something? Post a "how-to" article in the articles section with photos and descriptions.
    8. Tag your discussion with products or topics mentioned. Learn more about tagging here:   
      Article: Tagging Tutorial
    9. Embed threads or products rather than link. Use this button (on the extended toolbar)    paste in a link to a product or discussion thread (not a specific post).
    10. Sell your stuff in the trading forums.