ChefTalk Cafe Maintenance Announcement. Please Read.


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To all Community Members,

This Sunday (Feb 23) we will be doing some routine maintenance to the Café database which will entail the removal of all old Private Messages. The reason we are doing this is for the following reason:

Our web hosting company like other hosting companies charges a fee based on the amount of hard drive space we take up on their servers. As the café grows (currently: Members: 3,138, Threads: 8,919, Posts: 78,903) we take up more and more hard drive space, and when we exceed the limit of the space we are allotted we pay extra (or upgrade to the next plan which we have done once already).

In any effort to conserve space in the database we will be removing all Private Messages that are older than January 1, 2003 (anything that has been sent in 2003 will remain). Many members have come and gone and in the time they were with us sent private messages, but now that they are gone their message still take up space in our database.

If you have any important message please save them before this coming Sunday.

If you have any questions regarding this please send me a private message.
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