Chefs who are involved with the production of ice cream, starting with the custard base...

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    Hello all,

       I am a Product Design and Technology Student from Northumbria University (Newcastle). I am currently investigating a potential idea for a product which would help busy chefs during the production of ice cream.

       A pastry chef from a local restaurant has highlighted a potential gap in the market, for a product which would aid anyone making a custard base for an ice cream. The product would work by tempering the mixture to the correct degree of temperature and constantly stirring / scraping the container.

       Since I don’t have much experience with the process I was hoping I could get some feedback on the idea as to whether it would be viable in a commercial restaurant? In your opinion are there any other features which would be integrated into this product? Are there any other areas you might find this product could lend itself to, in the kitchen?

       Finally, does anyone currently use a “Thermomix” or similar product to aid the production of ice cream and how effective is it?

       Any feedback on the idea would be greatly appreciated; I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Joe Burnie

    Final Year Student – Northumbria University

       Please note that any feedback may be used in my final year project and may be displayed in public, although no reference to yourself or your organisation will be made.
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