Chefs Weigh in: How Hard Is It To Find Good Young Cooks?

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Here is an article where a few chefs discuss difficulty finding and keeping talented cooks.

I find this topic very interesting.  It seems to me these days that if a line cook has been at the same restaurant for a full year, that is considered good.  Many of the cooks I work with move every six months or so.  I know there is talent out there, but when it comes time to hire for a position it can really be hit or miss.

At the restaurant where I work, we had had a line cook position open for some time.  This city (Las Vegas) has some of the highest unemployment in the country and a large culinary talent pool.  Yet many of the cooks that came in to stage were just mediocre.  So, are the talented cooks just scared to change jobs in this economy or is it something else?
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