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Hello all. I am a writer for a chef publication and each month I am required to profile 12 chefs with a "7-questions with feature," and I was hoping to find some future profile subjects here. I have profiled more than 64 chefs around the world, and would be happy to share some past profiles so you can see what they are like. Basically I ask about why you became a chef, your favorite thing about being a chef, your training, schooling and where you have and currently work. With your schedules, it's not always easy contacting the 4 or 5 I need each week, so that is why I am reaching out here.

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail at [email protected].com and I can either call you or e-mail questions for the interview. I look forward to your responses!

 Keith Loria
[email protected]
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