Chef's vs Santoku

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If you are going to rely on a single knife to get you through the day I highly suggest a 14 inch chefs knife. A 10 inch is just too small. Santukos are meant to be a small vegetable knife. I use two primary knives in my day to day cheffing. A 14 inch chefs knife and a 10 inch bread knife. Pairing knives are good for some of the small of the really small work, but I can get by with with delicate use of my chefs knife. 
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A 14-inch knife is too big for any ordinary home cooking person.  There is also nothing wrong with a nice santoku.
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Wasn't talking about using a 14 inch at home. I use a 10 inch at home and a 8 inch offset bread knife and a pairing knife. Among the other tools.In a professional kitchen I break down much bigger pieces of meat  Sorry, forgot I was in the general cooking area.
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I usually cook for 2 or 3.  most of my cutting is done with ajikiri style double bevel small knife, blade of about 4".  I have an 8" chef style and a 7" cleaver to use when the occasion arises, maybe once or twice when prepping a meal.  just easier for an old sailor.

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