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The best part about cooking are the little morsels we the cooks get to enjoy during the process.  What are your favorite chef's treats?

For me it's hot poached chicken.  When I make stock I use wings, carcasses, and a whole organic chicken.  After an hour of a slow simmer I take out the chicken and remove all the meat before returning the carcass and skin back into the pot.  I then pull up a chair and salt shaker and enjoy all the hot poached dark meat I can eat.  The rest is used for chicken salad or garnish for the chicken soup.  But there's nothing like that hot sticky poached chicken straight from the pot!

I also reserve bacon for my own munching during cooking when I have to render some for a recipe.


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For me it would have to be when I make a batch of bacon. When it comes out of the smoker it is warm, crispy and delicious. I usually cut a piece off right out of the smoker and that is amazing. 

Another one for me is when I roast a whole pig and as the fat drips into the drip tray I piece of crusty bread dips into the drippings. Super delicious.
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Like Nicko's whole pig treat, dipping bread in a pan after cooking foie gras in it.
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The crispy rendered fat off a smoked pork shoulder. It rarely makes it into the house.
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Yup. Smoked pork shoulder... usually a nice chunk of bark with some glistening pork fat clinging to it. Straight outta the smoker and into my mouth.

and fried bread. Dip bread into roast drippings, toss into a pan and fry til crispy... pile the "bits" of meat leftover from carving on top of that.... oh hell yes.
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You are all killing me w/ this thread. I agree w/ everyone, except for the "foie gras", because I don't cook or eat the stuff, but the idea is still there and good. I love the trim from prime rib. I also love the left over parts from bowls of stuff that is portioned out that isn't enough left for another (lobster salad). LOL. I could go on all page long listing the stuff I like to grab as snacks. It's little wonder why I'm not skinny. LOL @ Me. 
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Sounds like fatty food is winning hands down here.

Crrispy pork rind that, well, just has to be tested (several times) during  the cooking to make sure it's right.  Ahem.

With a roasted chicken - the parson's nose.  Mine.  All mine.

And any skin leftover once it's carved.  Cook's treat.

Plus whatever the heck those little organs are that nestle tightly in the frame - no-one else will touch them.  So.  All mine. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif
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In the cafe kitchen and front line.............

Hot biscuits right out of the oven with melted butter running off.........

The large crab chunks on top of the #10 cans of Dungeness crab.......

When I make home made spaghetti sauce, I test the flavor of the sauce with a end piece of fresh hot end crust of Italian bread...

Fresh and hot right out of the oil, breaded eggplant to be used for Eggplant parm, just a bit of salt ......

carving a chicken or turkey, there is always pieces to eat while slicing the bird....

the best of the pickings are the crispy crunchy topping of the stuffing, that comes out of the oven when the turkey is done...........

the crispy salty bits on top of a large top round when I cook it off for Roast beef .............

Like Nicko said, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon is always left on the back of the grill.................
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For me it would be the nibblings from prime rib.

I also like picking the bones clean after removing the chicken from the stock pot.

Anything pasta

rejects from making biscotti

lobster slipper meat dipped in Hollandaise

fresh garden tomato ends dipped in vinaigrette

oh man could I make a list
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The two small round muscles on the back of a roasted chicken. I cooked the bird, oh yes, they're mine. Don't know how you call them in english.

In french these are called "sot l'y laisse" or literally translated to english "idiot who leaves them"... Seems Napoleon gave these treats this name.
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here they are known as the 'oysters', and my favorite part of the chicken as well...also love the gizzards and liver...can't quite get my head around eating the whole heart, so it goes to the doggie...

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The smokey crispy turkey skin when I cook one on the Weber kettle grill is another mention. Especially the wing tips that get crunchy.
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I also consider the brown meat knobbles under the chicken to be mine all mine.

Also mine is the veg I used as a trivet under whatever joint i was roasting. Wee bit of salt...Heaven.

I get to munch all the scattery bits once i've cut up the oaty flapjacks

Once I've made fudge, I leave plenty on the wooden spoon and give it a quick run under the cold tap. Thats my fudge lollypop

When making sandwiches, I always make more egg mayo than i need so i can have a couple of spoonsful.

MY FAVOURITE... We use quite a few different coffees and i keep the last couple of spoons of each batch in the freezer. After a couple of months I take them out, mix them together and its my coffee. I make it in a one cup brewer and its different every time...House blend /img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif Never been dissapointed
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When you reduce cream to a thick light brown caramelized with no sugar in a skillet, the remains are outrageously toasted crusty bread to sop it up. What's the technical term for cream reduced that far?

roasted chicken skin (I'll take those chix hearts please & oysters), turkey skin, ribeye caps, pork bark, crusty edges from mac and cheese or rice or casseroles....

Best thing I've read about recently was a chicken skin sandwich, like a BLT only with crispy chix skin...YUM....genius.

Interesting how we're all talking about the same shtuff.
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Shroom... not so interesting...Fat tastes good. :)

I sometimes wonder if it's not a physical need... sweating, working, busting hump all day... our bodies cry out for that quick hit of caloric energy? What better than fat?
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Man, this thread can make a person hungry.  I haven't eaten anything today, due to being at the laundry mat.  
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Forgot to mention the very first slice of any roast.

You can't put that on a plate, all crispy and brown on just one side... so I volunteer to eat it. There may be other volunteers, but I will sacrifice myself anyway.

Also; grabbing a mussel that just opened in the steaming pot...yummie!

BTW, as an amuse-gueule, try to put a few mussels on the barbecue and slurp when opened.
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