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    I just started a small, organic farm in Hawaii. I have a capacity for up to 50 lbs/week of any type of leafy green. Chefs, please tell me what to grow and how I can get rid of the most at one time. Ideally, I'd like to sell the whole 50 lbs to a few restaurants and deliver in portions two or three times a week to provide them optimal freshness. My problem is, I don't know what and how much chefs want, how much to charge per lb, etc.

    Anyone that has any experience working directly with local farmers, your insight would be much appreciated.

    Currently, I am growing mostly Sorrel. Another question would be, would it be worth it to possibly ship it to the mainland? Growing season is all year here in Hawaii and I'm sure there are some restaurants on the mainland who would appreciate a steady supply of fresh produce that they can't get certain times of the year in their area.

    If you are a chef and you are in charge of the ordering, my questions to you are as follows:

    1. How large is your restaurant and what area are you in?

    2. What kinds and how many pounds of leafy greens does your restaurant purchase per week?

    3. What do you consider reasonable pricing for the aforementioned leafy greens?

    4. If someone were to approach you with cheaper produce, would you consider? Or do you have relationship with the farmer and/or distributor that is more important to you than cheaper produce?

    Thank you so much!!


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