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Hi there, I'm 24 and have no training so I am a complete amateur in the kitchen, but a keen home cook and always improving. I like to think that i enjoy cooking too much to want to be a chef - I worked in a restaurant briefly and it was horrible stressful work. i like to enjoy myself with some music, a glass of wine, and no deadline. Anyway, I have reached the stage where my generic kitchen knives aren't doing it for me, and I'm ready to invest in something decent. At first I was looking at maybe getting a 7 piece block set of shun knives or something similar, but I couldn't justify spending $600, especially when 3 of those knives I would rarely use if ever.

Now I am thinking of investing in just a decent Chefs knife, and building up from there. After looking at several different high end knives in person, I would like to go Japanese, but would like something durable enough to use on some more heavy duty tasks - as much of an all rounder as possible. I would like to find something that looks and feels special every time I use it - that I will look forward to using every time I cook, and that will last me many long years. I am delicate in the kitchen, so i don't mind something that needs extra maintenance/cleaning. my budget is $150-350, and i am thinking of the Kasumi 88024, 10".  As I have mentioned, I am not very experienced so you may need to explain things to me like an idiot, but if anyone has any suggestions for other knives that I should look at then i would be most appreciative.

In exchange for your help, I will share on this website the recipe for my own fantastic invention - the handheld Sheppard's pie, or as I like to call it, the "Sheppard's pie-scream cone".... i need a better name. suggestions for a better name are also welcome..... But it tastes amazing, and look how happy it makes people....

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a little backreading on the tons of kitchen knife recommendations on here will help enlighten you.

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Sorry, I know near zip about Japanese knives, other than what I have read and am reading with great interest. But I love this particular brand of french knives and it would work with your budget... They are fantastic, nimble and generally light weight / thinner than German knives, if you are game for carbon. If not, they offer a stainless version, but I have no experience with those. Lastly, beware, there are lots of knock offs some of which are crap. You want the real K-Sabatiers... the ones that this store offers. Just another option in your search. Good luck!

Also, I like the "Sherpa's Pie" name. NICE!


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