Chef's hobbies.....

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Hanging out here in Santa Fe this winter, it's Snowboarding, Snowboarding, Snowboarding -it's actually a little embarrassing when someone on the lift shouts "hey Chef" , and they all know I've got the best picnic basket on the mountain.
-besides that, My 2 year old daughter, Pilar, is the light of my life and the '76 BMW 2002 is coming along nicely.


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I'm heavily into road cycling (I average about 350 - 400 kilometers a week during the non-winter months) and recreationally into mountain biking.
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well on my time off, i walk my dog, sleep, take care of my reptiles( i have a chameleon and a water dragon) hang out with my wife, i love to rock clime but it doesn't happen enough. and well drink wine and go out wine tasting to find some of the stuff i really like (i live in Napa) i really like the small family owned wineries that not to commercial.
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Most of my free time is at night, after work. Every Monday disc golf all day, and poker at night. Every Sunday is pizza, beer and movie night at my friend's apartment. It's about 8 or so chefs and cooks, all from different restaurants around town, that get together and watch a movie and eat pizza and drink beer and then dish out the dirt about the place they work for. Other nights, I'll read, watch movies, or play poker online. When I get more than just a day or so off, I like camping, and I love hiking. Any time it's nice out and I can spend a day outside away from pavement and people is a great day to me. There's nothing better than packing up some food and a stove in the morning just to walk a for a few hours in to the woods just to make lunch and walk back.
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When not in the kitchen, I find myself kayaking, flyfishing, hiking, writing, and baking at home. They all seem to wind me down after a busy week, and get me ready for the next one...
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