Cheffy's Here...better run!!!!

Joined Nov 17, 2002
Hey Y'all...

Was working on a website that is due out in a couple weeks and found your link in our link section and thought I would pop in and see what it is all about...

Me? I am the Exec Sous at a large convention center in Greenville, SC, have been in the business forever, I write culinary newsletters and have a few messageboards and websites and am working on a new one with a bunch of other hospitality professionals with my job being offering the Chef's point of view/wisdom/philosophies/teachings...

Will putz around and check the site out...but ya better be careful, sometimes Cheffy doesn't know when to shut up...

Peace, Hugs and Cookies,
Joined Aug 29, 2000
Welcome to Chef Talk, Cheffy. We're glad you found us. We're a great community of pros and enthusiasts who enjoy sharing our love of all things culinary, and learning from each other.

Please enjoy visiting and posting the other forums! We'll look forward to your posts.

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