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    hi im jqas im from sydney australia, i love food, im 21 studying chef in tafe , full time .
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    G'day, Jqas! Welcome to Chef Talk. I learned TAFE is a highly-regarded Technical and Further Education School in South Australia (for our non-Oz members). It sounds like you're enrolled in a challenging program that will equip you to enter a culinary position when you graduate. Are you interested in any particular aspect of the culinary industry? Was there someone or some experience that inspired you to go into this field?

    Chef Talk has some excellent discussion forums to be sure, but we also have in-depth cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries and more. We hope you explore those aspects of the site as well. I think the interplay between the members here is one of the most valuable aspects of this community, so visiting and participating here often will net you valuable contacts and insights you can't get anywhere else.

    A word about the forums: since you're not quite yet finished with your training, the Professionals' forums must be "read only" for you. But we strongly encourage you to read, read, read there! Those discussions are a unique resource. Your questions and comments can be posted in any of the General forums, where everyone posts. Also, take advantage of the search tool to locate every type of content here. We've been online for 13+ years, so there's a good deal of information.

    I hope you'll feel at home here and come to think of Chef Talk as a valuable asset in your culinary life.