Chef Wil sying hi to all

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Hi everyone and glad to make your acquaintance. I'm Wil Chambers, chef of the Washington Hotel and Café in the Little Town of Washington Calif. located in the gold country between Reno NV and Sacramento or Marysville on the Yuba River. My job is located in a 145 year old, gold rush hotel where I prepare 75 to 100 covers a night specializing in barbecue, steaks, chops and seafood. My wife, Linda, manages the front of the house during the evening run. We met in 1973 in McPherson KS where I was the cook at a restaurant and she was the head waitress :D I have worked in several hotel kitchens and headed my own restaurant for 6 years. I love the ocean and SCUBA dive and kayak whenever I can. I also am an avid Koi and Comet hobbyist and water gardener. I raise most of the fresh herbs I cook with in my own organic garden along with flowers and plants for the hotel. I also operate a small (140 sq ft) green house and supply some vegetables and herbs for our winter guests.
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Hi Will and Linda! Great to meet you....
I lived in McPherson, Kansas when I was in the 7th and 8th grades. Since I'm 51 now...that was a while back. I now live in southeast Kansas where my husband and I have owned our restaurant for a little over 4 years.
Sounds like you're staying plenty busy....welcome!

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