Chef Strike action across Aus


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yeah never thought i would see this,

but i have a friend who works in a pretty good restaurant but the conditions are shit.

they are looking at a strikepoint until they are heard.
funny thing is my apprentice heard about it through scoial media etc

so chef strike....its been talked about

yeah you have they won't have a job on return
or they get a new team in.

it is begining i believe people

kinda like the wharfies in the 90s that stopped all exports

this will stop all food.
all breakfast buffets,

all i am sayign if this is executed well

it will have a massive tsunami effect.

ok people let the comments begin...


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combo of,

pay vs other trades

conditions example
builder starts at 7 ends at 3 period
good pay
plus break

kitchen 10-15hrs
maybe a break shit pay
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Strike, huh?

Lots of questions to ask.
Would there be a picket line in front of a 50 seater family run restaurants? If so, could I break through the line to have a beverage or a salad?

How would the servers react? Sympathy strike? Or more likely threaten you with bodily harm because now they can't earn enough?

Would the owners and mngmt. staff on salary just pick up the slack, streamline the menu, and coerce their kids or relatives in the dish Pit?

Other thoughts....

Of course the pay sucks, this business runs on razor thin profit margins, and the more competition there is, the slimmer those margins become.

In a perfect world, emphasis would be put on education and qualifications in this industry, with pay and conditions moving up with the qualifications. Many other trades operate this way.


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you are right,
i am thinking along the lines of what happens within the club industry resorts etc.

little restaurants i don't think will fold much,

i do believe in the clubs resorts casino pubs
that have massive backings

simple take care of your staff and your totally right ina perfect world training education plays a crucial role in this.
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Lol come work kitchens in America and see how good y'all have it in AUS, a strike?? Wtf
Yes I've worked in Sydney
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Chefs get paid more than most/all food based trades, and most have agreed to the terms they’re on, a strike won’t do a thing.
Out of curiosity is there even a union for catering personnel?
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sorry guys been away couple of guys were crook so had to cover,

yeah there is a union but if your found to be in 1 yeah days are numbered you will be managed.

in reference to efesto,
your entitled to your opinion as too am I but the funny thing is you mentioned you worked here in Sydney and we have it good
.... but you left to go back to what your doing. ...
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To this day it is still believed, that cooks are a dime a dozen and can be replaced at the drop of a hat. This mindset unfortunately continues to evolve because there are no certifications or licenses needed to cook. Chefs don't need to be cooks in order to hold the title, and cooks don't always (or shouldn't) become Chefs.
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I am all for industrial action where workers rights are violated. Industry here is as dirty as they come, that is why I work for myself. The only thing that makes it better at the moment is that there is more jobs than chefs so for once we have the advantage.

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