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That is a great site, I love the step by step photo demos.
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The English translation is HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!!!!! Google translates "jambon cru" (raw ham) as "believed ham". ('Cru' is the past participle of "croire", n'est pas? I'm pretty sure that verb means "to know or believe".)

The site itself, with its excellent photos, is wonderful. It's just the translation is on par with this site.
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I spent the day in correspondence with chef Simon "Bertrand" he is a teacher now in Lille in Northern France.
We exchanged our curriculum's and are going to work on a project together to have our students communicate with each other and hopefully do a reverse paper on each others chefs. I:E my students do a paper of Point, and theres on Keller (as an example) then we will exchange there papers, study them and critique them.Could be very cool. Thank god my French is decent enough to understand his site. :D
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Way cool cape chef. Sounds like you are having fun my friend! Please keep us posted on projects worked together with chef Simon "Betrand". I wish I could be a student of yours as you just give off the air of realy loving what you do and sharing it with others. The master who is always learning is what I see in you my friend.May your students enjoy and understand the way you set before them.Peace, Doug....................
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I'm so glad you brought him up again! I think I mentioned his site once but since it was in French there wasn't too much interest. I go to his site regularly. He and his wife are very dedicated to this site and their contributions are impressive to say the least.

Most fascinating of all is Bertrand's correspondance with Hervé This, one of the pioneers of molecular gastronomy. Together they are strong supporters of education of the science behind cooking and the demystification of common practices. All this with lots of good humour at that!

CC, I'm very happy that your students will be exposed to the richness of this resource. Let me know if you need anything in French; I'll be happy to help proof-reading, translating, whatever.
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Don't you just love the Vinegar egg!

Thanks for your offer, I will be sure to take you up on it when the time presents itself.

Like you said, he adds some great humor to his work which makes the site that much more appealing.
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The site really is superb. Thanks CC! And your project sounds wonderful.
I must admit, though, I'm a bit distracted by the howlers in the translations. My favorite thus far is "TECHNIQUES APPLIQUEES WITH THE JOKES AND THE FOIE GRAS." Google (and the British link) both took the French "farces" to be English, I guess :D
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The translation is a bit off, but in general if you have a little knowledge of the language and French cuisine you can work your way through it.

I'm waiting to hear back about the exchange of work between students, this could be a fun experience for the students as well as Chef Simon and myself.

Check out his interviews and his molecular gastronomy pages, very interesting reading.
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I am getting a kick out of the translation. I spent an hour this morning browsing this site and it is so full of great knowledge that I know a lot more of my time will be spent lurking about there.Doug...........
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Great site! Also best of luck with your trading of assignments. I like the idea of trading papers on Point vs Keller etc. there are a lot of possibilities and it sounds like fun as well.

A quick translator program that can be used is
As an example I did this: in French The translation according to the site is
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